January Visit to Portland

Yay! I miss my friends!

Three Graces Me, Anja from clevernettle, and Nika have breakfast and a long talk over coffees. Anja and I were friends when I lived in Portland in 2007/8, and I miss thrifting with her and eating yummy vegan snacks and watching Lost while playing with her pets! While I was in Oregon she told me that she's coming to Austin for SXSW in about a month and a half so I'll be seeing more of her sooner than I thought!
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I should have made a photo before breakfast, while we still had our lipstick on.

Thanks for letting us stay!Misha and I stayed at a lovely hostel in NW Portland.
Blossoms in January
Blossoms on the trees

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2 Responses to January Visit to Portland

  1. karin says:

    aww you are all so classy and beautiful! fun to see you together!

  2. julia says:

    blossoms! in january! i cannot handle it.

    a very cold northerner,