Choice Bit of Calico

Things I love this week:

  • It was so beautiful out this week! I biked past a street corner where a man was selling sno-cones to quite a crowd. Oh, Texas weather!
  • Stitching off a batch of Tidy Cloths to send out to the Museum of Sex – they will start selling them in their gift shop in April.
  • Getting tattooed by Nick Baxter – packing my vegan picnic lunch and preparing for rib work – eee!
  • Listen to Sophie Madeline play the ukulele and you will heart it too!
  • Reading “Lost Princess of Oz” in the original 1913 edition.
  • Seeing a live-action Silent Movie acted out by a group of amazing Austin artists. I saw it not once, but twice. Once on a date with a super cute boy and once with my bff on a lady date.
  • Taking a shower and setting my hair for the morning to the beat of the metal band playing in my living room.
  • Literally just wearing vintage lingerie to work to protect my fresh tattoo and I kept getting compliments on my “nice dress!”
  • Whiskey, fiddles and red head girls.
  • Looking forward to getting tattooed in Paris, also.
  • SXSW is so soon! I get to see all my favorite internet people in the meat world! Anja, Gala, Chad, Laurel, Molly Crabapple, Angel and so many more! Also… all of the cuteable crust punk boys who migrate from Colorado and always end up staying in my co-op and filling up the commons with their dirty feet and piles of candy – LOVE IT!
  • So excited about my sxsw waffle & jam party!! Got so many gumdrops and tea cups and glittery things to gather as soon as I get back from ….

1. Giant Dwarf // Starlette Crown, 2. Flippedy Doo-Da: Style Inspiration, 3. Madeleine mini bloomers, 4. Tattoo 001, 5. sshot-1421, 6. vintage velvet mustard dress, 7. Teacup and Roses, 8. Cheap Frills, 9. tea, my dear? <3

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6 Responses to Choice Bit of Calico

  1. Your life sounds wonderful. I need to make lists of things I am loving about my life.
    Also listening to Sophie Madeline and I really do heart her! Thanks for the link. =]
    -Andi x

  2. anja says:

    Can’t wait to see you & hear your tales of PARIS!

  3. Maria says:

    Enjoy Paris! Please take lots of photos of on your trip, including your outfits!!!!


  4. What a beautiful blog! Inspired to break out the red lipstick & Chanel No. 5 :)

  5. Thanks for the make-up video, I’ve always loved the look fom this Illamasqua ad. Can’t wait to try it on myself!

  6. julia says:

    i’ve enjoyed sophie madeline since i discovered her on ukulelehunt this summer, but my dear her site is beautiful! love the fonts, the design, maybe even more than the music itself (which of course is lovely).

    what wonderful links. thanks for sharing!