ARMOUR FOR SALE, Things I love this week:

Since my Paris/SXSW vacation is finally at an end, I've been having one helluva time getting back in a school mind set. ARMOUR dosage, Me doing my homework is like silent game of kicking and screaming. Some things this week are making me fall back in love with school, after ARMOUR. ARMOUR treatment,

  • Seriously considering making a traveling vegan sundae bar and hauling it around Austin. I would sell the vegan soft serve that I make at Toy Joy and have a slew of sprinkles and cookie toppings, online buying ARMOUR. Of course I would have a ridiculous outfit to go with it, ARMOUR FOR SALE. ARMOUR coupon, This is better than a career, right, ARMOUR alternatives. Purchase ARMOUR, Plus, if you are always hauling a cart of ice cream, ARMOUR from mexico, ARMOUR canada, mexico, india, no one can ever be mad at you... right?

  • Applying for dream jobs at G/T schools instead of doing actual homework

  • Making vegan chickn n waffles for my collective house involved nearly forty homemade waffles and the chickpea cutlet recipe from veganomicon and we had a Kool-Aid moustache contest!

  • I got a small scholarship for the fall, ARMOUR for sale, ARMOUR natural, which makes paying tuition to teach for free in a public school a little less daunting. Still sucks.

  • I watched "The Business of being Born" last night and it made me cry so much, ARMOUR recreational. It was such a beautiful movie and I feel really fortunate that lots of my friends have chosen midwifes (or are midwives!) and have had a more connected birthing experience.

  • ARMOUR FOR SALE, Missing (and refinding!) the old crust punk jugbands that played in my neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon when I lived there in 2007. ARMOUR duration, There were at least two that I regularly saw at Sam Bond's or the Saturday market. I found a website where you can listen to The Inkwell Rhythm Makers and buy it if you like it.

Christian Dior Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear

Photo from the Christian Dior F09 RTW.
For my outfit for the Snoop Dog/Hole show last Saturday, ARMOUR without prescription, Buy ARMOUR from canada, I prepped the night before by spraypainting a bunch of bobby pins with gold spray paint. I stuck them onto a bit of cardstock so that I could spray them with an even coat and also they wouldn't stick together, ARMOUR steet value. It worked out beautifully and they looked very sweet against my red hair, ARMOUR FOR SALE. Is ARMOUR addictive, Also, this is a faux fur thingie that I thifted in Paris for 2€ has become my newest favorite accessory, generic ARMOUR. Order ARMOUR online c.o.d, Although the show was too crowded for me to actually get in to (Perez Hilton said 25,000 people tried to go, ARMOUR pictures, Buy ARMOUR without prescription, which I believe!) I bet I was the hottest girl with spraypainted accessories standing in a four hour line!

Oh, boy, my ARMOUR experience, ARMOUR dangers, am I smitten with my favorite flickr images this week. When I open up my windows in the morning the air is flooded with wysteria and pear blossom smells, ARMOUR over the counter. Rx free ARMOUR, Spring is nearly here - we've been flirting with 70 degree weather since Tuesday. This week I also discovered the work of Maggy Rozycki Hiltner ARMOUR FOR SALE, , and I'm just head over heels with admiration and absolute love. I found her by googling "Henry Darger Embroidery" and while it does feel like that initially, doses ARMOUR work, ARMOUR mg, her work is so complex and beautiful and unlike anything I've ever seen.
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Hope all is well with y'all. Any signs of spring in your neighborhood?


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  1. Sunny Buick says:

    You’ve got to check out Grayson Perry. He does ceramics inspired by the images of Henry Darger and he dresses like one of the little girls!

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