May 2nd, 2010
  • Black/White polkadot earrings – little bows from craft store
  • 1970s(?) ruffle blouse drug viagra – thrifted
  • Man's bow tie worn untied as necklace
  • overalls from Urban Outfitters via Buffalo Exchange
  • Pointy flats

I put a second coat on my manicure – I love it! I've worked two really intense days at the Toy Store and it hasn't chipped at all. I'm sold. Tonight  I am going to see “Night Nurse” at the Alamo. I've seen it before on the PreCode DVD collection but never on the big screen!

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5 Responses to May 2nd, 2010

  1. Faith says:

    So cute! I especially love your hair and mani! I’ve seen the old ads for nail color with manicures like that but haven’t tried it yet myself since I hadn’t seen anyone in the flesh repro it successfully until now, I think you’ve inspired me to try the 40s version of the bare half moon mani style!

    Did you do the manicure yourself or have I just not read enough of your blog yet? If you’ve done it yourself, what color is that, it’s beautimous! What I currently use is Fishnet by Hard Candy but it doesn’t have the tomato-y color I want, however I do get tons of compliments on it – especially because it stays looking wet without chipping for days, even after I hand wash dishes which is a plus. But I’m still new to all this so I’m like clueless about vintage-y shades other than trying to match modern ones to old ads lol.

    Loving your site, this is my first visit but I’ll be back definitely! :)

  2. Casey says:

    Your nails are fantastic! I have been growing my out lately in anticipation of doing a half-moon manicure at some point… I just need to sit down and do it! ;)

    ♥ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  3. I love how this looks like a 20′s outfit and it’s partly from Urban Outfitters.

  4. Sully says:

    I love your DVTeese mani! You should do a matching pedi!

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