NYC, pt. 3 – Wit's End

I have literally been planning a trip to NYC for years now in order to attend a Wit's End event, hosted by the lovely Diane (left). I have been dreaming of starting my own 1920s themed night here in Austin, and Diane has been very kind and helpful about giving me pointers. Photos by Don Spiro.
There was a dance lesson at 8:30, vintage themed cocktails, and dancing! I was wearing a 1930s floor length gown that had rhinestones all over it. A true Coney Island Mermaid dress! I pinned orchids in my hair like a reverse headband and sculpted lots of kiss curls. I can't describe how a nearly 100 year old dress feels as it slips around ankles and little rhinestones cool on my belly and ribs. It just feels magical, that's all.
The dancing continued even as we headed to the subways. Check out that girl on the left.

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She wishes SHE were lindy hopping to a subway performer playing Sugar Ray's “I Just Wanna Fly” on guitar in the bowels of NYC. Photos are by Rose Callahan.

More serious converstations were held over whiskeys in Brooklyn with Rose Callahan and Kelly.

Rose was an awesome tour guide and I wanted to do so many things she suggested in her pre trip emails!

Oh, and also! I have a pincurling tutorial as part of the newest issue of Zelda Magazine. Please pick up your copy and see me and Bellweather revealing our secret tricks to pincurl sets – with macro pictures! Thank you Diane for including me in the magazine and also for throwing this wonderful event!

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I obviously need to go to NYC again soon.

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10 Responses to NYC, pt. 3 – Wit's End

  1. Kathy says:

    I your friend Rose wearing Giant Dwarf’s Starlette Crown in those pics? I’ve been eyeing that headband since she released it. I think I’m going to pick one up at the San Fran Renegade Fair when I go next month!

    All you ladies look gorgeous. I must find myself a nice faux orchid hair clip!

  2. Caitlin says:

    What fun we had, we must do it again soon!

  3. Jill says:

    EEE! You look heavenly! I love that picture of you dancing in the subway station so much! Fantastic!!

  4. MarieBayArea says:

    i love what all of the lovely ladies are wearing. your dress and kiss curls are heavenly and congratulations on your coiffure how-to in Zelda.

  5. Vicky says:

    Wow what a fabulous gown it looks gorgeous!

  6. diane says:

    I was SOOOO happy you were able to be in town for Wit’s End, and to grace us with your gorgeousness! Remember- next time you’re in NYC, you’ve got a place to stay! ;)

  7. Kathy, that’s Diane with the headpiece, and I think it’s individual sequinned stars pinned to her head, but YES that Giant Dwarf headpiece is one of my favorites!

  8. She wishes SHE were lindy hopping to a subway performer playing Sugar Ray’s “I Just Wanna Fly” on guitar in the bowels of NYC.

    I know I wish I were!!!

  9. Andrea says:

    You look absolutely stunning! And this whole event looks awesome, how cool.

  10. julia says:

    i have the very same hat as the girl on the far right in the first picture.

    what a marvelous looking event!