Flapper Dance Steps/Repetition

These two stills are from the chorus girl opening scene from “The Love Trap” (1929). Directly after this scene, the stage manager calls Mary (in the patterned bow) to the front to show everyone how she does the dance. He then says “If I ever catch any of you dancing like this, you'll all be fired, too!” and then he has her Buffalo off the stage. Oh!!

This video has a great version of “Hot Feet” as well as a xylophone intro. I am absolutely hypnotized by the repetitiveness of the dancing feet shots.

A 1927 recording of how to dance the Charleston. It's very sarcastic and silly!

A 30 second dancing snippet from a Man Ray art video.

This scene is from a bonus movie on the “Stage Door” (1937) DVD. I love how absurd it is – like elevators are ever this big to afford dance offs between total strangers!

I can never get enough of these endless repetition images of the chorus girl dancers. It's also an excellent study in menswear. Above we have suits and bowties, below, top hats with vests.
And now top hats with canes!

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3 Responses to Flapper Dance Steps/Repetition

  1. Oh! The elevator one! I love the elevator dancing scene in Thoroughly Modern Millie. Hehe.
    -Andi x

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