Prix De Beaute (1930)

This is not my uploaded video, but I love LOVE in these old movies when lovers sing operatic solos loudly into their lovers’ faces.

I’ve captured some quiet, overlooked snippets of the 1930 French film “Prix de Beaute.” The majority of these were panning shots or captures viagra generic from a series of montages:

Louise Brooks mournfully listening to her phonograph (pictured in the foreground).
A random audience shot of this girl and her adorable spit curls
The woman on the left reminds me of my grandmother. Also, doesn’t this man look like carved marble? What a jaw!
I love  close-ups of the 1930s pointed manicure.
Makeup montage before the Beauty Queen promenade. What a perfect cupid’s bow.
A woman having her knees powdered. When I was first nursing my flapper obsession in 2001, I was in disbelief that women would actually roll their stockings down to rouge and powder their knees. Here is cinematic proof!
Mystery woman at the carnival.
Women in a crowd listening to a loud speaker announce the Beauty Prize.

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One Response to Prix De Beaute (1930)

  1. julia says:

    beautiful images, amelia. thanks for sharing! i posted two on my tumblr, with credit of course.

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