Choice Bit of Calico

So many neat things this week!

  • Jenny Hart from Sublime Stitching has teamed up with Molly Crabapple to release buxom ladies in this amazing embroidery pattern
  • Looking forward to the Ukulele Road Show and strumming along with Andrea and Angeliska.
  • I’m really excited about the launch of Austin Street Style. We’ve lacked a cohesive site in ATX, and there are so many lovely outfits to document, especially all of our magical transvestites (which seem to be everywhere these days!)
  • I just found out the teacher that I’ll be student teaching under and she sounds PERFECT – she’s a GT advocate and published poet… and the class is reading The Omnivore‚Äôs Dilemma in the first six weeks. HOORAY!
  • The biggest news this week is that I can officially announce that I’m taking over the Dr. Sketchy branch in Austin and I’m teaming up with an incredible group of artists to

    bring dynamic sketching sessions this fall. Stay tuned, and follow us on twitter!

Frannie’s birthday involved New Orleans style street processions with banjo, accordian, deep fried beets, and tap dancing.
Angeliska in snake dress & Me in cantelope; Birthday girl Frannie with celebration sash and pinned-on money, photos by Demilitia Stryker

Milla J and her lace; Tin Ferris Wheel from Spider House cafe in Austin

Ruby Keeler in dancing gear; My friend Athena from Oregon, in the Runway Masquerade Fashion Show, photo by Melissa Mankins

1. Vitrolazo, 2. Fleurs sign, avenue Bosquet , 3. My Sister as a fairy!,
4. Chantal, 5. Love and Wallpaper, 6. Peach Blossom,
7. Black Veil Swirl, 8. Georgia Peach, tattoo, 9. A Charming Veil

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4 Responses to Choice Bit of Calico

  1. April says:

    Thought you might enjoy this if you haven’t seen it

    Early color motion pictures.

  2. Andrea says:

    Yay, ukes!

  3. shannon says:

    omg Im on yr blog!! that parade looks so fun :)

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