September Scenes in Austin

” alt=”" width=”572″ height=”614″ />I have early mornings now. 6am. My bike commute to the middle school I work at takes me across town while the sun is rising.
I cross Congress Street Bridge and watch the reflection of cumulonimbus clouds skate across Ladybird Lake.
I stop for dollar coffees, and wait in line

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alongside tattooed contractors, jogging mommies, and retired ladies who walk their dogs to socialize.
Most of the posh shopping on Congress Street does not rouse until the early afternoon, so I spend time looking at window displays.
The residual rain from gulf hurricanes snuggle Austin in curtained showers.
I spend afternoons alone, lounging in 30s silk dressing gowns, burning my bean and potato dinners.

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3 Responses to September Scenes in Austin

  1. Andrea says:

    That last photo is such a gorgeous one of you. It looks like a painting.

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  3. Brian says:

    That last image of you on the balcony, might look good as a B&W.

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