Agent Ribbons – European Tour

Agent Ribbons: everything I love. Imagine if The Zombies and The Boswell Sisters collaborated on an album that was recorded in a Victorian house decorated by Dame Darcy. From the tick-whir of the Super 8 Projector on Rubix Cube to the sweet cirrus cloud melodies of Grey Gardens, Natalie Ribbons has a voice like a siren: crooning from within a closed closet door, her mermaid scales slough off into collected piles of shoes and clothes.

The best part, is that I am fortunate to be a part of this magic. Agent Ribbons recently relocated to Austin this spring. Natalie and I met over Ban Mi & young coconuts at a Vietnamese sandwich food cart one night in August. Since then, we've gone on adventures nearly every week, including cheersing Sonic Youth, Bocce Ball games in graveyards, and caterpiller races.
I made a second deer antler head dress & yesterday we headed out to the Texas prairie to catch the last few moments of winter sunshine. I like how these turned out like hand-colored tin type photographs.

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The World is a Cigarette

If you're in France, Spain or Portugal, be sure to catch Agent Ribbons on tour starting next week. They will also be in a future issue of Bust and touring the West coast in the end of 2010. Buy Chateau Crone from Antenna Farm Records on CD or Limited Edition Vinyl. Hooray!

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Agent Ribbons,
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4 Responses to Agent Ribbons – European Tour

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  2. Those antlers are amazing.

    I’ve been wanting to make a pair for ages. How ever did you secure them? There must be quite a bit of weight to these, no?

  3. Thank you! Here is a tutorial on how I constructed them http://vintagevivant.com/2010/04/19/deer-antler-headband-tutorial/ and yes, the larger ones were very heavy. I felt bad for poor Natalie!

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