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  • Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving! I am so excited for Vegan Turducken: Pumpsquash-o (Potato inside of a squash inside of a pumpkin). Thanksgiving food is by FAR my most favorite cuisine: gravy, pecan pie, yams, cranberries… gravy!!!
  • For my student teaching, I am teaching a two week unit on The Crucible. So far, we have played a game called Witch Hunt! (a modified version of Mafia or Werewolf), I have lost my voice lecturing about Puritans for 5 hours, & we had a class discussion about capital punishment in Texas. Oh, and I've been wearing striped stockings and reproduction Victorian lace up boots everyday to teach. The students call me a witch, all in fun, of course.
  • This week, I signed a petition for one of my students who wants to be cannonized as Patron St. of Chocolate Oatmeal, and another who wants to be patron St. of Pimp Daddies.
  • I'm judging the Hello Kitty costume

    contest this Friday at Toy Joy! Louise Black will be joining me on the judges seat. I hear there will be booze & vegan cupcakes – my kind of heaven!

  • Almond, poppy seed, saffron & cardamom soy lassi drinks
  • Vegan Thanksgiving sandwich from Counter Culture … mmm boy!
  • If you don't “like” my embroidery on Facebook yet, why don't you??

how to get your ex girlfriend back

nski' title='Without Embarrassment… Top Seduction E-book By Author Mike Pilinski'>Without Embarrassment… Top Seduction E-book By Author Mike Pilinski

vivant.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/IMG_2393.jpg”>In the afternoons, it's still warm enough for silk dresses.

When I die, I hope I step through a door containing this scene behind it.

Doll House Interiors, Busking, and Flappers: on my mind.

1. Victorian study, 2. Bree's room (finally finished!), 3. Art Deco dining room,
4. Living Statue, 5. French clown accordionist, 6. Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Clockwork Doll,
7. Anabelle and Blake brooch, 8. Pearls II, 9. les seduction

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4 Responses to Choice Bit of Calico

  1. Eileen says:

    Flappers plus BANJOS!? As a vintage wearing banjo player, I LOVE THIS VIDEO. Thanks for sharing. You’ve a wonderful blog!

  2. 'tine says:

    That flapper/bajno clip is the most magnificent thing I’ve seen!

  3. Angeliska says:

    Hi fluffy fancy!
    You know what? You are sublime. I cannot wait to see you covered in rhinestones this weekend, and to have tea and piano roll hand-off after Tranarchy gives me back my brain and free-time! Lovelovelove – xo, A.

  4. Xanthippe says:

    Ok. Pumpsquash is on our menu this year (thank you for the ‘heads up’). You’d've had me with the clown and the ink-art lassies with the peacock feather, but of course there was the synchronicity (I was researching capital punishment just now). Will investigate your other links. Have had you as a favourite on etsy forever, of course. Spiffing shot of ya in the silk and flowers! I trust your voice has returned in spades. :) A thousand belated thanks for the surprise charms!