Tranarchy! 2

Now that I've lived in Texas for two and a half years, I've amassed quite a large collection of costume props and sillyness: headdresses of roses, a skirt made of false bananas, sequinned shorts, dirt streaked dresses, and lots and lots of colored pancake makeup. Each month, (usually) without fail, I find some sort opportunity to dress up as a Clock Work Doll, Flapper Mime, Vixen Spy, or Sequinned Walking Catastrophe. Behold my outfit for Tranarchy! an evening of gender-confusion brought to life by existing vapors wafting off the retired, gilded robes of Gadjo Disko.

photos by Angeliska

I dressed as a coin operated doll & Valerie was a pink monster. Check out her paws! In order to create the makeup for my doll, I used this photo of a Boudoir Doll

Google Wants To Pay You!

for inspiration. I had gotten an entire bucket of rainbow rhinestones for this outfit, but I was directionless on what the end result would be. What started out as small circles of rhinestone blush quickly evolved

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into a swipe of jewels across my face. The boots I am wearing made me about 6'3″, so I did feel a bit like a beribboned Godzilla taking clockworked steps around the dance floor.

photos by Fun Lovin Photos

Devaki Knowles was running the photobooth (she took the photos at the first Tranarchy when I was a Louise Brooks German Flapper). She is amazing, partly because she also takes old pull-apart polaroids at these events, and I am collecting them for my imaginary grandchildren.

Want to see more amazing outfits of the evening?
More Tranarchy! – Angeliska's Flickr Set
Tranarchy Photobooth – Fun Lovin Photos

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2 Responses to Tranarchy! 2

  1. Absolutely creepy and beautiful!!

    I’ve recently started experimenting with rhinestones + eyelash glue + face. I did a smattering of stars around my eyes last week and learn this very valuable lesson: Do no put pokey rhinestones above the bottom of your eye socket. It will hurt if you smile.

  2. loveisgood says:

    That dress is lovely and looks absolutely wonderful on you.