Austin Blogger Awards

height=”320″ /> I just found out that I am nominated for “Best Style Blog” at the Austin Blogger Awards – Hooray! I feel so lucky to be selected! Please vote for me, you have until December 3rd. Thanks!
If this is your first time to visit Vintage Vivant, here

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is a slice of my life from the last year:

1. Deer de Los Muertos Halloween Makeup, 2. Outfit for Tranarchy #1, 3. Flapper Outfit for White Ghost Shivers Show,
4. Sometimes I wear hats that are 100 years old, 5. Anachronistic Manicure, 6. Andrea from NZ visits Austin!,
7. I wear giant blue dresses, 8. Usually there’s an umbrella involved, 9. This is my Easter get-up

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2 Responses to Austin Blogger Awards

  1. Katy says:

    Just voted for you ! And this is my first comment so far even if I read your blog daily since a few months now ! Greetings from Paris :-)

  2. Maria says:

    I just voted for your blog and only yours!!!

    I always visit, but rarely comment unfortunately. But you are always an inspiration!
    Do you know of any other gals who run the blog devoted to 1930s? I would love to visit their blogs. I love the 30s and would love visual interpretation of them by the modern gals such as yourself!

    Thank you.
    Greetings from California

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