1930s Moon Manicure

“moonmanicuredemo” src=”http://vintagevivant.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/moonmanicuredemo.jpg” alt=”" width=”1000″ height=”531″ /> I always notice 1930s manicures because in films, there is inevitably a close up of a woman holding a telegraph letter or clicking away at a typewriter. I’ve cut my nails into little sharp points for about four years, and it is a very satisfying, wearable shape. This manicure makes my nails grow longer because there is less surface area on the edges to nick. Also, this style suits my busy hands-on lifestyle because it rarely needs a touch up since the tips are bare.
Here is my 1930s style manicure, with the moons and the tips left naked. I was apprehensive to try out this style because I thought this would be difficult to execute, but it was so simple! The secret is to paint horizontally on the nail, not vertically like normal paint jobs. I have very pronounced moons in my nails, so I was able to follow them with the brush and create the pattern with little problem. If you have a shakey hand, I suggest cheap circular paper reinforcers as sticker guides for the polish.
A highly pigmented polish (such as OPI) will ensure that less coats of polish are needed. If you decide to add a clear top coat, make sure your nails are dry for a few hours, lest the pigmented color bleeds into the clear.

1. My nails before cutting
2. The first cuts – make them sharp and angled.
3. Pointed nails, after shaping with a file to soften points
4. Make your first stroke in horizontal motion. Continue filling in the nail with horizontal strokes.

Center, and Clockwise from top R:

Images from John Galliano’s Fall Fashion 2007, the “Boudoir Doll” fashion show
Diagram of Dita

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VonTeese’s Moon Manicure from Styleist
Diagram of Fingernail shape
1930s photograph – two toned and kitten claw sharp

Color palette of 1930s nail colors
Youtube video of Red/White moon manicure
Video: Constance Bennet takes us through her beauty routine from 1937

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2 Responses to 1930s Moon Manicure

  1. JoAnn Slaugh says:

    Facinating tutorial!! I learned a lot, good pictures,thanks!

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