The Golden Photobooth

Wowie wow-wow and double sha

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zam, cats! The photos from last Sunday are just so amazing,
it’s hard to even know where to start – every single one is just so gorgeous! I’ve chosen a heaping
handful of absolute faves here, but they’re all so fabulous, be sure to check out the full set over at
Devi’s flickr: Vintage Vivant – GOLDIGGERS! What a bunch of lookers our friends and lovers are!

Devaki Knowles of Fun Loving Photos is the genius behind these shots – not only is she an absolute doll,
but she works such magic behind that camera! Soon, we’ll be doing a special post with lots of her great
black + white polaroids that she shoots with a vintage rig, to great effect! They always look so amazing.
If you have any of these from Vintage Vivants past that you’d like to share, we’d be delighted! Also, for
our guests – did you know you can order digital prints of all these shots from Devi? It’s easy! Hot damn!

Carley Wolf + Winter

Penny Stark and her beautiful golden derriere!

Curtis Luciani and Kaci Beeler as the Fitzgeralds!

Uzonna + Alisan bringin’ the class act! Hard to follow!

Lex Land, her sugardaddy, Oren Porterfield + Jordan Moser.

Watch out, y’all! This gang of natty dressers might just charm your pants right off!
Yow! No more pants! Just like that. Pantydroppers, the lot of ‘em!

Whatta buncha lookers!

Timmy Bray + Jeremy Roye lookin’ dapper!

Norah, our exquisite door-girl is

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always the picture of elegance. Love her!

Mr. Dollheads and his sugarbaby, Louise.

Tips for the candygirl? Oh my, yes!

Oh Johna Goldenflame, you fan my fire!

Wendy Corn + Jen Delk – cuttin’ up cuties!

Olivia finds big bucks from Sir Brodie Wainscotting (aka Scott Bennett)

Ooh, daddy – you got all these pearls in your pocket!
Scrape ‘em on your teeth and see if they’re the real deal!

Aw, please? Just an itsy-bitsy diamond?

Could we possibly be any luckier than to be surrounded by so many dear friends in great outfits?
Hardly! Can’t wait for this next one, kitty-cats. Start planning your Easter Sunday best looks for Spring!

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