Eastertime in Flapperland!

It’s no secret that Easter is kind of a big deal for your hostesses,
so imagine our delight when we deduced that the next Vintage Vivant
fell smack dab on Easter Sunday! Could it be anymore perfect? To our
way of thinking, there’s no better holida

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y (save maybe New Year’s Eve?)
to show off your best fashions of the era. Springtime was an enormous
inspiration to the fashions of the 20′s and 30′s, with those pale pastel
hues, fluttering crepes and tulles, and lots of delicate floral prints.
Gorgeous chapeaux and delightful easter bonnets heaped with buds
and birds could be seen on every head, and even the severe bell-like
cloche hats might be seen to sport a nosegay come Eastertide! For
gents, seersucker suits and straw boater hats

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do the trick (but get
ready for a full post on spring and summery vintage men’s fashion,
upcoming!) Dressing like a vamp in jet beads and whatnot is divine,
to be sure – but it’s time to cast off our widow’s weeds and cavort
around the maypole! Ooh la! The whisper of silk bloomers, thin as
as whisper around your french garters might just be the easter bunny’s
whiskers or pink bubblegum nose hunting for a basket to nestle his
sweet treasure! Oh my – did I just write that? Well, it is Springtime
after all! Must just be the birds and the bees knees! Oh gee!

To my Sweet Fluffy Ruffles! Is this not the very best postcard ever?
A gift from a long-lost friend, recently found again – I treasure it!

This one’s from the same friend, found at the same estate sale.
What a sweet hand-tinted photo! I love the painted parasols!

Load those bonnets, ladies!

Happy Easter from your hostesses! Hope to see you out on Sunday!

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