Stockings & Garters

If you’re too timid to flaunt a lacy step-in, or modest about your dress, vintage styled stockings and garters are a perfect way to pepper up the sex appeal of your outfit!

See how the simple addition of patterned stockings can really punch up the look of an outfit:

Clara Bow in ornate flowered garters:

Striped stockings peeking out from layers upon layers of petticoat:

Examples of different fancy garters with ribbon & lace decoration:

Fancy merry widow with “Youthlastic!”

Cheeky flapper in rolled stockings:
Fancy feather-topped garters on fishnet stockings:

Flapper-faced garters from Garter Mademoiselle on


Pink and black garters from The Pink Birdhouse on Etsy:
Flapper face garter, by You-Nique Garters & Flasks, a store on etsy devoted to flask-concealing garters!:

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