Charlie Chaplin Inspiration

To play the Tramp, you need baggy pants, a tight coat, a derby ha

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t, a large pair of shoes, a cane and a moustache. Remember that the awkward fit of the garments should add to the exaggerated walk, and be sure to use the cane in as many creative ways as possible – from picking your teeth to helping yourself up.

The Tramp possesses sophisticated manners and would be a high-class person if it weren't for his clothes and clumsy ways that get him fired from every job. A gentleman through and through, the Tramp comes to the aid of crying babies, starving dogs and (pretty) ladies in

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peril. His enemies are the bumbling policeman and grumpy restaurant owner.

John Galliano's spring 2011 menswear was wholly Chaplin & Keaton inspired:

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Charlie Chaplin in “The Tramp”

Here's a little teaser reel of many famous Chaplin scenes. In France, Chaplin was known as “Charlot.”

Dinner Roll Ballet Theatre

Charlie Chaplin makeup tutorial

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