Bathing Beauties

 Bathing beauties at a pier at Redondo Beach CA, 1921. Socks add to the modesty.
No bathing costume is complete without a parasol!
Ni Hongyan with a parasol and some light beach reading.

Marie Prevost
Marie Prevost in a striped bathing costume, complete with striped headband and socks.Marie Prevost, encore.
Gloria Swanson and Marie Prevost, 1910’s.
Marie Prevost and friends
Dorothy Sebastian and Joan Crawford late 1920′s Dorothy Sebastian and Joan Crawford having a picnic on the beach at Santa Monica, California
Beachwear, circa 1910s.
Beach police, swimsuits no higher than six inches above knee – Washington DC 1920
Leila Hyams feeding an inflatable zebra some seagrass.
If you can’t find a parasol – bring the ukulele. Marie Prevost and Gloria Swanson, 1920s.
 Pin up flapper with swimcap.
Gents! We didn’t forget about you. Wool suits for all!
Two girls at the beach. 1910 Cowan Ephemera Collections.

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